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Rohypnol 1mg Online For Sale

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Buy Rohypnol 1mg Online For Sale

Flunitrazepam: do you sleep well?

Firstly, you can buy rohypnol 1mg online here at Planet Pharmacy USA. We all live at an extremely stressful time, with many problems hard to deal with. Due to this reason lots of people have troubles sleeping. If you are one of them, you may probably be familiar with flunitrazepam.

General information

The trade name is Rohypnol. So, it affects central nervous system by suppressing it and helping to calm down, stop seizures or fall asleep (depending on doses). This drug is over of those selling on the streets as round pills for 1-2 mg. As a rule, they don’t have smell or taste and quickly resolve in liquids, which makes flunitrazepam a great weapon for sexual assaults. Due to this some started to add more or green dye in it, so it should be detected more easily. Still this substance is forbidden all over the US.

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CNS and main brain functions are being suppressed. It ends up in all types of relaxation: muscles, brain, consciousness, etc. In case of taking Rohypnol pills with another suppressants or alcohol one may have stupor, respiratory problems and death.

Here is the general list:

Relaxation (looks and feels like alcohol effect).

Blood pressure lowers.

One may experience tremors and seizures.

You’ll feel dizzy, drowsy and a splitting headache.

Memory will worsen, in some cases anterograde amnesia occurs.

Aggressiveness, nightmares, confusion.

“Freedom” from moral burdens.

Some time ago American government tried to prevent its spreading. But, at the moment some people, who experienced sexual assault by taking Rohypnol against their knowledge and free will can receive help, provided by local help centers.


Addict and tolerable

As many other calming drugs, flunitrazepam forms tolerance, which is constantly increasing, so the person must take larger doses to get the same effect. Physical dependence is forming as well.

A person, who tries to quit, can experience wide variety of disturbing symptoms, for instance:

Anxiety and depression.


Tremors, convulsions.

Muscle pain and tense.

Headaches, identity loss.

Numbness and delirium.

Rohypnol withdrawal can cause seizures even after a week after last use.

Role in sexual assaults

The peak of Rohypnol-based sex assaults came in the middle of 1990s. Since then many started call it a “date rape” drug. There was huge number of constant victims, including both men and women.

Mostly no one can be aware of taking this drug, as long as it slips into the drink. Mix with alcohol increases its action, causing amnesia. From aside it can look like a person is trying to help a friend, who drank too much, while in truth they try to relocate their victims into a more quiet place. Under the drug influence neither men nor women are able to fight back, or at least acknowledge what is truly happening. At the time drug comes down they don’t remember anything, which prevents police from immediate solving these crimes.

The worst thing is psychological state of those, who’ve been raped. Failed tries to remember make them experience horror, humiliation and the lack of safety. It takes a long time to recover… if they ever do.

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